Running Costs

   Car and Van Running Costs

Counting The Cost

When you're choosing a new car or van, brochures, price lists and test drives only give you part of the jigsaw puzzle that is vehicle ownership.

Comparing running costs for cars and vans gives you the missing pieces.

Using critical data on forecast resale values and maintenance costs you can make a more realistic appraisal of the true cost of what you want to buy or lease.

And with the help of our running costs calculators we think you'll make a better choice for your next new car or van.


Considering a swap from petrol or diesel to hybrid or electric? Then you need to understand the potential costs of your fuel choice.

Our ICE or Electric comparator will show you running costs side-by-side for petrol, diesel, hybrid and electric cars.


Vehicle running costs are measure of the risk of ownership of Model A vs Model B. So why not reduce your risk?

Use our running costs calculator to work out the risk from buying your next new car or van

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