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About Our Van Running Costs Analyser ...

Our e-Go! van running costs analyser is built to take the hard work out of comparing ICE and electric vans and give you the numbers you need to decide on how to fuel your next new van.

We forecast running costs for ICE and electric vans from 1-5 years by blending information about your annual mileage, insurance and fuel costs with industry leading data on depreciation, maintenance and fuel consumption.

To get started, just select your annual mileage and then choose the vans you want to compare.

Click on the '?' button in the top right corner if you need help on using this tool.

Annual Miles


How Do We Calculate Costs?

We take forecasts for depreciation, maintenance, fuel consumption and insurance and break these down into annual running costs for a van.

Next we apply your expected annual mileage to the costs to work out a cost per mile.

Finally we convert these costs to tables and charts - you can either stick with the headline pence per mile costs or drill down into the data and see yearly breakdowns of the forecast running costs for ICE and electric vans.

We're now using results from WLTP testing for items such as fuel consumption, battery range and recharge times. WLTP became the official testing method for vans and vans from April 2020 (previously the NEDC standard was used).

Sometimes this swap leaves gaps in the data, but do keep checking back with us for more up-to-date information; we're plugging the gaps as quick as we can and if you know a piece of information that we don't hold please do tell us!).


We calculate depreciation costs automatically for you using the On-The-Road price of the van and industry standard data on forecast used van values.

You can change the On-The-Road Price for a van; just type in a new amount in the On-The-Road box, press the 'Enter' key and we'll work out the depreciation for you.


Maintenance costs are calculated automatically for you using your selected annual mileage and based on CAP-HPI forecasts for servicing and mechanical repair costs.


VED is short for 'Vehicle Excise Duty', which is the official name for the 'tax disc' that used to be displayed on vans but which is now recorded only on a central database.

We'll calculate VED costs automatically for you based on the current rates set by the Goverment - these vary according to the CO2 output of the van.

Fuel Costs

For fuel costs we have estimated the price of petrol, diesel and electricity, but you can change these - click on the Fuel button for the van.

You'll see a box for the pence per litre cost of Petrol or Diesel; just type in the price you want to use and press the 'Enter' key to change the calculations.

For Plug-In Hybrid and Electric vans you will also need to enter a cost for recharging the battery, and for the cost of the charger itself if you have one.

If you use a home charger you can find the cost of electricity on your bill - it's the cost per kiloWatt hour you are charged by your electricity provider.

If you use public charging points then use the cost per kiloWatt hour on the charger receipt or invoice.

Don't worry if you don't know this cost - we'll put an example value in each box anyway to get you started.

Home charger for hybrid/electric vehicles

If you have a charger fitted at home then you should enter details of the cost of the charger. Use the net amount you paid to buy and install the charger after any Goverment grant.

If you enter a value for the cost of the charger we will spread the cost over 5 years so that it is reflected in the fuel costs for the vehicle over this period.

For example, if you paid £500 for a charger after the Government grant then we would add £100 each year (£500 / 5) to your fuel costs.

Plug-in Hybrids - Electric Motoring Ratio

If your selected Hybrid van is a Plug-In Hybrid then you will need to specify the percentage of your motoring that uses just the electric motors.

This is to make the fuel cost calculation more accurate - you won't be using petrol or diesel during this motoring, which will reduce your liquid fuel costs, but you will be using electricity, which will increase your recharging costs.

We'll work out the appropriate adjustment to your fuel costs according to the percentage you select.

Don't worry if you don't know the percentage - we'll assume 50% 'electric-only' use unless you select a different percentage.


You will also need to enter your expected annual insurance premium for each vehicle; once again we'll put an example value in the box for you to get started.

Click on the Insurance button below any van to change the annual insurance cost.

Remember that your annual insurance premium might change according to the vehicle you select for each type of fuel.

Headline pence per mile costs calculated over 5 years - see detailed analyses for each vehicle for 1-4 years.
Depreciation costs calculated using CAP-HPI future residual value forecasts assuming clean condition appropriate to age and mileage.
Maintenance costs use CAP-HPI servicing, maintenance and repair ('SMR') cost forecasts.
Prices displayed on this web site are valid only at the time of original viewing.
Vehicle images may include options only available at an additional cost.