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Looking for cars with improved environmental credentials?

Whether it's RDE2 compliant diesels or fully electric cars with fast recharge times, we've got the data you need to track down the right car for you.

And if your specifically looking for the very lowest emissions company cars, why not take a look at The Zero List too?

If this is the first time you've used our Eco Search feature then take a minute to read the briefing guide below - it will help you get to the right answer.

Even if you're a veteran then it may still help you to read the guide again anyway.

Think of it like a catalytic converter - read it for less fuming.

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    What Does It Do?   

What Does Our Eco Search Do?

Our Eco Search feature will find cars that match your requirements for decision-breakers such as CO2 emissions, fuel economy or battery range.

You can mix your choice of car body style, doors, gearbox and monthly budget with key environmental factors such as lower emissions, better fuel economy or longer battery range to track down the cars that meet your needs.

    Getting Started   

Choose Your Eco Requirements

Our Eco Search finds cars that match your requirements for environmental factors.

You can get started by selecting the minimum/maximum CO2 output, or the minimum MPG for petrol/diesel/hybrid vehicles, or the minimum battery range on electric power for hybrids and electric cars.

Once you've done this you can click on the 'Search' button, but this may produce a lot of cars in the results.

You can narrow down the number of results by first selecting the body style (e.g. hatchback or saloon), number of doors, type of gearbox and even the manufacturer or model range you want.

Other Criteria

You can also refine your search by choosing cars that meet your requirements for On-The-Road Price, monthly finance budget or vehicle features such as standard equipment items.

Click on the 'Finance button and choose how you will fund your car.

If you select leasing or finance then you can make further choices about how long you want to keep the car, plus the finance payment plan and the total mileage you expect to travel (these are all standard requirements for selecting a modern finance plan such as PCP or PCH).

Search Results

When your search results appear you can display additional information about each car.

For example, if you're looking for battery performance details on hybrid or electric cars, click on the 'Battery' button above the search results and you can select additional information to display such as:

  • the type of battery
  • the battery cable connector (there's more than one!)
  • whether the battery is sold or leased to you with the vehicle
  • the battery recharge time and recharge rate (percentage and kWatts)

Performance and Power

You can also check the impact of choosing an 'eco-friendly' car on the performance and power available to you.

Once the search results appear, click on the 'Performance' button and select any of the performance indicators that interest you - you can choose from factors such as top speed and acceleration, BHP and engine torque.

That's It!

So let's get started on your Eco Search - just click on one of the buttons below:

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