RDE2 Emmissions Testing

RDE2 is the current standard for measuring emissions from internal combustion engines in cars.

From January 2020 all cars submitted for European Union type approval must meet the RDE2 emissions standard.

From Janaury 2021 all new cars sold in the UK must meet the RDE2 emissions standard.

What Is An RDE2 emissions figure?

RDE is short for 'Real Driving Emissions'.

Until September 2017 vehicle emissions were tested in the laboratory but since then testing has been extended to include driving on the road under specified test cycles.

What Does RDE2 measure?

RDE2 measures the emissions of material such as oxides of nitrogen (NOx) and ultrafine particles from the exhausts of internal combustion engines over different types of driving conditions.

In particular RDE2 requires deisel engined cars to have emissions of oxides of nitrogen (NOx) to be less than 80mg per kilometer.

RDE2 Impact on Company Cars

In the UK the taxable company car benefit for diesel engined cars is increased by 4% if the car's emissions do not meet the RDE2 requirements.

For a list of diesel cars that meet the RDE2 standard click here.

More ...

You can read more about the RDE2 standard on the European Union website by clicking here.

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