Ever wanted to peek inside a lease quote and see what really goes on?

Just how much discount is in there? What's the interest rate? And the residual value.

Our DealCracker will instantly unlock a lease rental to give you the price, interest rate and residual.

In a few seconds we'll break your lease quote into all it parts so you can see if you're getting a competitive price, finance rate and residual value.

Try it now.

Take a few seconds to read the briefing guide before you start; it will help you get to the right answer.

Even if you're a DealCrackertm veteran then it may still help you to read the guide again anyway.

Think of it like a safety belt; clunk-click every trip.

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    What Does It Do?   

What Does DealCracker Do?

Our DealCrackertm will analyse instantly the individual components in a lease rental (price, interest rate and residual value).

In a few seconds we can break your lease quote into all it parts so you can see if you're getting charged an inflated interest rate or price.

By blending industry data on vehicle finance rates, purchase prices and residual values with your lease rental quote you can work out whether or not you're getting competitive terms from your supplier.

    Getting Started   

Getting Started

Your Car or Van

To begin you'll need to select the car or van you're getting, such as the make and model and any factory fitted options.

Once the vehicle is selected you can then move on to cracking your lease quote.

Step 1


First we'll ask whether your quote is for a business or personal lease deal; just select the type of lease you want to crack.

Step 2

Finance Period

The finance period is also known as the 'term' and you can select from 12, 24, 48 or 60 months.

Total Mileage

This is the total mileage included over the term of the lease, e.g. 10,000, 20,000 etc miles.

Don't worry if your lease is in annual miles - just multiply this by the number of years for the lease, e.g. for 10,000 miles per annum over a 4 year lease select 40,000 total miles in DealCrackertm.

Payment Plan

This is the total number of monthly payments required over the term of the lease. Usually it's shown as the number of advance payments you put down as a deposit and the number of remaining payments over the finance period.

For example, over a 36 month lease, if you make an advance payment of 3 monthly rentals in month 1 and then 35 further monthly payments then the payment plan would be '3+35'.

Step 3

Your Target Payment

This is the monthly payment you have been quoted for your lease. Type in the monthly amount and press the 'Enter' key.

Once you have typed in your quote you're ready to unlock it.

To do this just select which component part of the rental that you want to know about. You can choose from:
  • Interest Rate
  • Basic Price
  • Options Price
  • On-The-Road Price
  • Residual Value

Using standard finance industry data our DealCrackertm will create a lease quote and adjust your chosen component (interest rate, etc) until our monthly payment gives the same result as your original quote.

For example, to find the purchase price of the vehicle select 'Basic Price' and DealCrackertm will find and display the basic price (inc VAT) hidden in the lease quote.

DealCrackertm will also display our estimate for all the other components of the quote. Once you've got these items you can change them too and restucture the quote using any of them.

We hope we'll get it right for you first time, but even if we don't we'll show you enough detail about your quote to enable you to adjust the other components to crack the rental.

This step-by-step process should let you to tune the DealCrackertm results to match any lease quote irrespective of price, interest rate or residual value.

Now You're Ready To Go!

To get started with our Deal Crackertm just click on the button below:

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