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About Our Van Comparator

With our van comparator you can view up to 10 vans side-by-side on a range of data.

You can see prices, depreciation, maintenance and fuel costs, van benefit calculations, technical specifications and standard equipment.

In the Help section you'll see more information about how to use the comparator and details about the comparison tables - click on the '?' button in the top right corner of the screen.

Getting Started

To get started, choose how long you will keep the van, then your annual mileage.

How Long Will You Keep The Van?



Getting Started

To compare vans side-by-side you need to:

  1. Choose how long you expect to keep the van
  2. Select your typical annual mileage
  3. Choose the manufacturer, then model range and derivative you want to see
  4. Click on the 'Add' button to include the van in the comparison
  5. Repeat steps 3 and 4 for each van you want to add to the comparison

You can repeat steps 3 and 4 for up to 10 vans in total.

Once you have selected at least two vans you can then compare them side-by-side - just click on the 'Compare' button.

To clear your vehicle selections click on the 'Reset' button


We'll display the manufacturer's published:

  • List Price
  • Delivery Charges (if any)
  • The initial tax disc ('vehicle excise duty') for the car
  • The statutory first registration fee
  • The total 'On-The-Road-Price' of the van
  • The second year tax disc ('vehicle excise duty')
  • The fuel type of the van


We'll display the forecast total depreciation of the van from the manufacturer's List Price over your selected term/total mileage including:

  • List Price
  • Forecast residual value or 'resale' price of the van
  • Forecast depreciation from List Price over the term/total mileage
  • The residual value's percentage of the List Price after your term and total mileage

Servicing, Maintenance, Repairs & Fuel Costs

We'll display the forecast costs of maintaining the van over your selected term/total mileage (known as 'SMR' costs) including:

Technical Specifications

You can compare the technical specifications for each van across a wide range of details including:

  • Performance (top speed, 0-62mph time, engine power, etc)
  • Emissions such as carbon dioxide and carbon monoxide output for combustion engines
  • The engine and gearbox configuration
  • Fuel consumption for combustion engine vans ('TEL' values measure at the lowest number of opions, 'TEH' at the highest number of options)
  • Battery range and recharge times for electric vans
  • Wheel and tyre sizes
  • Dimensions for length, height, width, etc
  • Vehicle weights, payload and towing capabilities
  • Safety ratings from NCAP
  • The manufacturer's warranty years/mileage limits for the vehicle

Standard Equipment

We have summarised the typical standard equipment lists of vans so that you can compare vans side-by-side.

We show whether or not the equipment is provided as standard in the price of the van or is an optional extra.

Where the item is standard you will see a '' in the table. Where the item isn't standard we display a '-' symbol.

Sometimes the item may only be available as part of a pack of options (e.g. electric and/or heated mirrors or satellite navigation), in which case we display the 'pack' price rather than individual option prices).

Standard equipment is displayed under the categories:

  • Comfort (air conditioning/climate control, power assisted steering, etc)
  • Safety (airbags, braking, suspension, NCAP safety ratings, etc)
  • Security (alarm, immobiliser, etc)
  • Entertainment (radio type, satellite navigation, etc)
  • Exterior features (alloy wheels, electrically adjustable/heated door mirrors, etc)

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